Bee habitat

Blenheim couple convert their land into bee habitat

Content of the article When Dr. Henry Svec takes someone to visit the hives scattered over his 20-hectare property, he cannot contain his enthusiasm. Content of the article “It’s really great, I have to tell you,” the Blenheim man said. “I’ve only been stung 15 times this year. This is my file. Last year it […]

Honey bee

Why some environmentalists are concerned about rooftop bee programs

morning sun and strong cooling winds battered the roof of a 52-story Chicago skyscraper, where three wooden structures that in another setting might look like unfinished filing cabinets are lined up. They are backed by an overhang that protects them from lake breezes in winter. But inside these structures you will not find any files. […]

Honey bee

Honey bee colonies are increasing across the states

Photo: Image bank by L_B_O/Shutterstock Conservationists often worry about bees, but some good news has recently emerged about the current status of these important pollinators. The new bee colony report by the US Department of Agriculture describes a startling increase in the number of colonies across the country. Some states are experiencing particularly rapid expansion […]