Cody Craddock: Beekeeping, a hobby you can pursue at home – Salisbury Post

Bees are amazing insects that are beneficial to agricultural crops. Some scientists estimate that one in three bites of food we eat would not be possible without bees. This is because while a bee collects pollen it visits thousands of flowers and in doing so it may unknowingly brush the pollen against the reproductive parts […]


Joyful Honey and Beekeeping Supplies Creates a Buzz at Battle Ground

BATTLE GROUND – Joyful Honey and Beekeeping Supplies recently opened at Battle Ground on Main Street near 10th Avenue. Local beekeeper and bee enthusiast Joy Bochsler filled the store’s shelves with bee-inspired t-shirts, hoodies, artwork and greeting cards, as well as jars of honey and bees. locally produced bee products, such as pollen and honey […]


The most innovative hive in the world makes beekeeping efficient, reduces waste and produces unlimited honey!

Bees are essential to maintaining the balance of many ecosystems as they pollinate trees and provide food for other animals – they are essential to our survival! Now coming to the little “sweet” things we all love about bees is that they also produce honey. Beekeeping is an ancient practice and hives have barely been […]

Honey bee

Flow Pollinator House is a limited edition bee house

Buzz in a healthier bee population with the addition of a limited-release shelter option, available only in the US. The Flow Pollinator House not only benefits the bee populations in your garden, but the proceeds also support advocacy groups across the country. Continue reading below Our featured videos The Flow Pollinator House is courtesy of […]

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3-Eyed Creatures Emerge After Monsoon Fills Arizona Monument

Strange three-eyed tadpole shrimp have emerged after a monsoon rain filled an Arizona monument. Wupatki National Monument These three-eyed tadpole shrimp might as well be from the Pokemon universe. Hundreds of prehistoric shrimp were found in Wupatki National Monument in Arizona after a monsoon filled the historic site ball diamondpark officials reported on Facebook in […]