A Howard resident shares his passion for beekeeping

HOWARD — “Save the bees” is a popular slogan for both environmentalists and the internet. For Ken Sikora, it’s more than a slogan. It’s a lifestyle, and he said it’s one he hopes more people will partake in.

“Without bees, a lot of plants wouldn’t produce anything,” Sikora said.

Sikora has dedicated the last twenty-five years to beekeeping and learning all the buzz about bees. He spends a few days a week caring for the bees by preparing the bees for pollination, inspecting the eggs and dividing the hives.

There are approximately 50,000 bees in the bee colony he is currently caring for.

However, Sikora’s beekeeping duties go beyond the colony. He has five pollinator gardens, all within a quarter mile of his house. Sikora and his wife, Judy, maintain the gardens to attract pollinators like bees, as the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says several species of bees and pollinators are in decline.

Now he urges others to join him. Sikora said bees are crucial to the food chain, and he even opened his gardens to the community, hoping others will be inspired to start theirs.

“It is what it is. Passion for something, then persistence,” Sikora said.

Sikora said “not everyone realizes how serious the situation is” and no one needs to be a beekeeper to tell the difference.