AI powered mobility vehicle. is the answer to responsible beekeeping on urban farms

Bees are vital for the planet, as they are excellent pollinators, and perhaps the most crucial link in maintaining biodiversity. They help ensure food security and also diversify the types of plants and animals that are grown on the earth’s surface. Perhaps this is why beekeeping and pollination should be encouraged more than other things to maintain balance.

After the horrors of Delta Air Lines Shipping’s negligence that killed five million bees en route to nurseries in Alaska for pollination of apple orchards, ultra-mobile beekeeping methods are crucial to protect these wild insects. The mobility of the 2035 Mobile Hive is something the beekeeping industry needs in earnest. As its name suggests, it is a high-tech beekeeping nest for responsible cultivation. But we all need it before the year 2035 given all the chaos on the planet!

Creator: Seokbin Hong

The American Chemistry Council-sponsored project is still in the conceptualization stage, and by no stretch of the imagination, an unlikely solution. The idea is etched deeply into the design of the concept keeping in mind the intricacies of AI-assisted bee cultivation. Things like optimum temperature, protection from predators like hornets, or preventing the spread of disease in the colony. The mobility aspect of the project is something that will interest current beekeepers, especially those in urban areas.

This mobile hive is ideal for open pollination in orchards without the hassle of old-fashioned beekeeping methods. The self-driving vehicle keeps tabs on the number of bees in the cocooned artificial colony inside and the temperature levels in real time. The hive entrance at the bottom of the vehicle can be opened or closed at will for the bees to pollinate the designated area. To prevent the hornets from decimating the honey growers, there is a trap on top that sends out the scent from the hive to attract the insects. This keeps the main hive safe from harm.

Moving Beehive Mobility has a beekeeping box with a queen excluder, a separate honey storage section and hive bodies. When mobility is not required, the platform can stand upright, disconnecting from the rear. The front tires lock in place to provide a stable position for beekeepers to perform their routine tasks.