Bee our guest: Hotel hives, honey and beekeeping experiences are creating buzz – Hotels Above Par

One in three bites of food you eat can be attributed to western bees going about their day doing what they were born to do. To emphasize how important their role as pollinators is, a Rhode Island Whole Foods once removed all items from the produce section that depended on the process which left less than half of the 453 items stored on the shelves. Needless to say, much of the food pyramid, and most likely our survival as a species, depends on it. Which makes the news that insects are dying and colonies are mysteriously collapsing at an alarming rate since 2006 a real buzzkill. (Literally.)

As expected, the scientific mind of the hive intervened to try to find reasons and solutions. A little more surprising, the hotel industry too. Every year, a growing number of hotels around the world are joining the food fight. Innkeepers have become beekeepers. Bee-friendly apiaries and gardens have popped up on hotel farms, on rooftops and in resort landscaping. Many have gone on to complete the circle of life by providing beekeeping experiences and/or using honey or other bee by-products at the property’s restaurants, bars, spas and gift shops. Turns out the old adage is true: you catch more flies invited with honey than with vinegar. So, in honor of September being National Honey Month, we’ve scoured the internet and found some NHM programs, products, and offers that we think are the bee’s knees.

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