Bee hatch

Doug Ford had a close call with the ‘parents’ of the bee that flew into his mouth (VIDEO)

Well, it seems the bees can’t get enough of bothering Premier Doug Ford at press conferences.

At a Friday news conference on expanding GO train service between Toronto and Niagara Falls, the Premier had another encounter with a bug (however, it didn’t go “straight” this time) .

“Oh my God here we go again,” Ford said, as he spoke of the planned GO station expansion along the Lakeshore West line.

“They’re stalking me, like, they’re the parents now.”

Later in the conference, during Q&A with reporters, Ford was distracted by the bee during a question on the COVID-19 Science Advisory Table.

“I feel that little bee buzzing on my head again,” Ford said.

Luckily for the Prime Minister, no bees flew into his mouth this time around.

Earlier this month Ford swallowed a bee live on camera and said it was “buzzing” inside him as he continued to speak at a press conference in Dundalk.

Of course, the internet was a buzz with memes and hot takes. There were even Twitter accounts created dedicated to the infamous bee and Ford’s esophagus.

Ford also had fun and threw a few darts in.

At the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference on August 15, Ford recreated the memorable moment in his keynote speech (and even brought in a disproportionately sized toy bee as a prop for his sketch).

“Here I finally got it! It’s been hanging around for a while – it’s twice the size it came in,” Ford said.

So, will there be a BeeGate 2.0? Who knows.