Bee hatch

Doug Ford just swallowed a bee talking about the possibility of privatizing health care

Ontario Premier Doug Ford found himself in a sticky situation on Friday when a bee entered his mouth and burrowed down his throat.

Ford was answering questions from reporters in Dundalk, Ont., about the province-wide shortage of healthcare workers and the possibility of privatization when the bee flew in his mouth.

“My God, I just swallowed a bee,” he said, coughing violently.

Members of the audience could be heard expressing concern for Ford.

After taking a sip of water from a bottle, Ford shed some light on the situation, saying, “This is going to be played over and over again.”

But the Prime Minister’s unease was visible.

“Sorry guys. The little bugger got away in there,” he said.

Someone from the audience asked if it was okay to continue, to which Ford replied, “I’m fine. It’s buzzing in there.”

“Dude, he went down the hatch,” he said with a laugh.

Ford told reporters he was a firm believer in public health care, but his government would “get creative” in looking at how it might be delivered.

Health Minister Sylvia Jones said the government was considering all options to improve the healthcare system, including a nursing shortage, and her comments raised fears of further privatization.

Jones didn’t rule out — when asked — a bigger role for private companies in delivering public services, which is already happening to some degree in the Ontario system.

What is not being considered is asking people to pay out of pocket for services currently covered by OHIP, she said.

Asked about the issue on Friday, Ford said he would never waive that, but the province needs to look at all

As for the bee, which stole the show on Friday, Ford said: “It’s a good one…I can’t remember what we were talking about. I’m going to be rushed to the hospital to get this bee out of the way. ‘here. “

It was not immediately clear if the Prime Minister had visited the hospital.

Later he said that the bee was “working hard to build a hive there”.

“That asshole is still buzzing,” he said at the end of the press conference.