It’s a Bee’s Life: Experience the Age-Old Magic of Beekeeping at Carmel Valley Ranch

CARMEL, Calif. — This immersive beekeeping class at Carmel Valley Ranch has everyone buzzing! From beekeeping 101 to honey tasting, “A Bee’s Life” encourages visitors to dress up and find out what’s going on in the hive.

“We’re kind of starting to talk about the life cycle of a bee, some of the phenomena they exhibit, kind of getting over that initial fear,” said Chris Riley, apiary manager, Carmel Valley Ranch.

He added: “And then we go down to the apiary, we dress and go open a hive, and we pass bees between them. And after that, we do a honey tasting.”

A Bee’s Life urges everyone to broaden their understanding and be kind to bees, as they are important to the health and prosperity of our ecosystems.

“With our society, we need bees because they pollinate our crops, and I’ve heard that about three out of every four bites of food you eat are related to the bee pollination industry,” explained Riley.

After safely interacting with the bees and seeing them in action, visitors receive a sweet reward: a honey tasting! Everyone is welcome to sample the ranch’s raw, unfiltered honey, as well as herb-infused varieties of honey.

“Bees aren’t out to fight, they’re here to do their job and bring resources home,” Riley said. “I find that moving at nature’s pace, kind of moving slowly and steadily, and having that good vibe will help the bees do better with your presence.”

He added: “And you are respectful to them, they will be respectful in return.”

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