Bee hatch

Locating and taming the giant worker bees of the crystal islands of the ark

The giant worker bee is one of the most difficult creatures to tame in Ark Crystal Isles. This guide will help you locate and tame the giant worker bee by explaining each step in detail.

Crystal Isles Ark Giant Bee Location

There aren’t many places in Ark Crystal Isles where the Giant Worker Bee can be found, but we managed to find a few places where it can be easily located. We have marked and mentioned the contact details below:

How to Tame the Giant Worker Bee

Before moving on to the taming process, you should take note of the food needed to tame the giant worker bee, and below is the list that will help you in this regard:

  • Simple croquettes
  • raw mutton
  • Cooked lamb chop
  • Premium raw meat
  • rare flower
  • Premium cooked meat
  • raw fish meat
  • Raw meat
  • Premium cooked fish meat
  • Cooked meat
  • raw fish meat
  • Cooked fish meat

If you know how to tame a giant worker bee, it may seem like one of the hardest and most irritating things you can do, but with the right knowledge, equipment, and animals, you can make it easy and simple, despite the inconveniences. Generally, the taming process begins by destroying wild hives for the bee to appear. Get close to her and feed her her favorite foods to passively tame her.

This is only possible if the surrounding drones are friendly towards you and any other tames nearby, but it is difficult. In most cases, a Ghillie suit and bug spray are required to get close enough without provoking the drones, although this is not essential if one is fast. Hold the crouch button to prone after equipping Ghillie Armor and spraying repellant.

If you crawl up to her, you won’t irritate the Drones, so feed her. To open the hive, you can use a variety of weapons, including melee weapons, guns, or explosives. However, taming them is by far the most effective method. For hives located on high cliffs or redwoods, Tapejara and Dimorphodon tend to be the best taming options.

Get the queen out of the hive

Getting the queen out of the hive and crushing her begins the real challenge, and that’s why taming her is so difficult: she always flies and wanders down, letting her reach places and heights where it’s difficult to feed or tame it. .

There is one way to negate this challenge, and that is by bringing the right gear. She needs a trap that she can fly into, then close when she’s trapped, so she stays still. Depending on where the hive is on a tree or cliff, or if it’s on the ground, you’ll need to build a trap.

Trees and cliffs are good places for hives; build a trap of 2×2 wood/adobe or better containing 4 foundations, 8 doors and 1 giant trapdoor and a giant trapdoor at the top.