Researchers’ Beekeeping Box Design Obtains Patent | Pune News

Pune: Researchers from the zoology department of Savitribai University Phule Pune have developed a patented smart honeycomb monitoring device for beekeeping.
The wooden box designed by the professors of the department is equipped with cameras to monitor the activities of the bees and study their behavior and the threats to them. The device has also been patented, and researchers plan to market the product through NGOs and farmers.
Radhakrishna Pandit with the teachers Vikram Kakulte and Balasaheb Taple together studied beekeeping and developed the device. They recently received a patent for this project from the Union government.
Pandit said, “This device will be used to better monitor bees. Traditional methods of collecting honey destroy many colonies of wild bees. That is why it is considered appropriate to keep bees in boxes and collect honey scientifically. If such a device is kept in the fields by the farmers, the production capacity of the farmers would increase as they can monitor the activities of the bees and make decisions. »
The camera installed in this device is intended for close observation. Pandit said: “It will also allow more research on bees, how a healthy bee works, protection and remedies if a bee is not functioning well, less contribution made by certain bees and remedies, predicting what are the environmental and natural threats, etc. This device plays an important role in increasing the number of bees by protecting them.


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