Sikkim government unveils ‘bee farm’ in Tarku; Intends to boost honey productivity and generate local jobs

With the aim of increasing honey productivity and generating local employment opportunities, the Ministry of Agriculture, Horticulture and Livestock and Veterinary Services (AH&VS) – Lok Nath Sharma has inaugurated today now a bee farm as part of the Nature Glory Beekeeping and Honey Mission in Middle Tarku.

He was accompanied by Nature Glory Beekeeping Mission’s Executive Director – Dr. Christopher Karki, farm managers and staff.

After the inauguration, Sharma inspected the farm and interacted with growers and beekeeping staff.

He pointed out that “beekeeping is a growing market for honey and other products and, if used correctly, beekeepers will have the opportunity to earn a stable income from its valuable hive products. “.

Hailing this remarkable effort, Sharma noted the sustainable measures being implemented and assured that the state government, in collaboration with the relevant department, will help revamp the farm and explore its marketing opportunities.

Furthermore, Karki informed that this farm intends to promote beekeeping in Sikkim and transform the state into one of the biggest beekeeping centers in the North East region.

He pointed out that the farm will help create employment opportunities and produce by-products such as cakes, chocolate, candles and many other businesses, all of which use honey as a main ingredient.

This apiary currently operates on an area of ​​three hectares, consisting of 180 hives.

The General Manager further informed that in October the staff intends to organize a ‘Bee Expo’ in conjunction with the National Bee Board.

Nature Glory Beekeeping Mission Executive Director – Dr. Christopher Karki; Photo credit: IPR

This council deals with the overall development of beekeeping by promoting scientific beekeeping across the country; thereby improving crop productivity through pollination and increasing honey productivity to increase beekeeper/farmer income.