These companies will do the beekeeping for you

Imagine yourself relaxing in your garden; maybe you’re dining al fresco, reading a book, or just taking a five-minute break from work. You watch the bees twirl around before flying off to a hive. It’s dreamy, right? Reverie is a reality for those who have honey hives. “They’re wonderful to have on the property,” says […]


25% discount on beekeeping and evening nature walks: Pelago family holiday activities!

Are you looking for kid-friendly activities during the March school holidays? Pelago has lots of fun ideas, from go-kart racing to feeding turtles. Get 25% off tickets through March 31, 2022! The school holidays are finally here and if you’re wondering how to keep the kids busy, why not let Pelago do the heavy lifting […]


Benefits of Beekeeping – The Pulse » Chattanooga Weekly Alternative

The Hamilton County Master Gardeners (MGHC), in association with the University of Tennessee Extension, continues their 2022 series of 3rd Saturday Gardening Classes. The next class will be on Saturday, February 19 at 10:00 a.m., with “Benefits of Beekeeping,” presented by Master Gardener and Master Beekeeper Kendra Ware. MGHC’s 3rd Saturday gardening classes are free […]

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Student receives Fulbright to study honey bee health and behavior in Kenya

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — In East Africa, beekeepers are setting up empty hives in the hope that swarms of migrating bees will settle in and provide them with honey. However, it is difficult for beekeepers to predict when migratory swarms will arrive and depart and when to harvest honey. Darcy Gray, a graduate student in […]


Muazzin’s success in beekeeping | The star of the day

Fri 11 Feb 2022 12:00 AM Last updated on: Fri 11 Feb 2022 02:05 Shykh Seraj talks with beekeeper Muazzin Hossain at Kanchan Nagar village in the Singair upazila of Manikganj. Photo: Hridoye Mati O Manush “> Shykh Seraj talks with beekeeper Muazzin Hossain at Kanchan Nagar village in the Singair upazila of Manikganj. Photo: […]


Challenging the sustainability of urban beekeeping using evidence from Swiss cities

Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). Action plan for the Swiss Biodiversity Strategy (FOEN, Bern, 2017). Geldmann, J. & González-Varo, JP Conservation of honey bees does not help wildlife. Science 359392–393 (2018). Google Scholar article Egerer, M. & Kowarik, I. Facing the modern Gordian knot of urban beekeeping. School Trends. Evol. 35956–959 (2020). Google Scholar […]

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Honey bee colonies are increasing across the states

Photo: Image bank by L_B_O/Shutterstock Conservationists often worry about bees, but some good news has recently emerged about the current status of these important pollinators. The new bee colony report by the US Department of Agriculture describes a startling increase in the number of colonies across the country. Some states are experiencing particularly rapid expansion […]

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Nearly 40% decline in honey bee population last winter is ‘unsustainable’, experts say

Scientists are studying the potential consequences of the rapid decline in the honey bee population in the United States and how to mitigate its effects before it causes serious problems for crop management and production. Honey bees are essential for pollinating flowers, fruits and vegetables and support about $20 billion in agricultural production in the […]

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A Look at Opportunistic Bee Hive Thieves

The yellow vests such as Vespula squamosa are harmful predators of honey bees (Apis mellifera), attacking them and plundering their honey. But bees fight back and healthy hives are rarely at risk, experts say. (Photo credit: Flickr/Insects unlocked/Alejandro Santillana) By Edward Ricciuti The boom in home beekeeping in recent years has been great news for […]

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What is the best way to improve bee habitat?

November 15, 2016 — Every morning last summer, Michael Roswell walked through restored prairies and abandoned farm fields in New Jersey, where leggy grasses and weeds grew unchecked and thick patches of lemon balm, black-eyed suzanes , mountain mint, goldenrod and purple loosestrife added hits of magenta, yellow and white. Each time a bee landed, […]