This wholesome beekeeping note inspires people to remember old notes from deceased relatives

Sometimes people discover the life lessons passed on by their parents long after they have died. Something similar happened with Amy Clukey, an English teacher, who found a note written by his father nine years after his death.

Clukey shared a photo of the handwritten note on Twitter and wrote, “My dad’s note found in his beekeeping gear nine years after he died. We miss him “.

In the note, dated June 27, 2021, Cluckey’s father encourages his children to try beekeeping and says it’s “pretty easy” and can “learn everything you need to know online”. Clucky’s father wrote this note when he had terminal lung cancer.

The photo of his healthy rating garnered more than three lakh likes in less than 24 hours. This tweet prompted others to share photos of notes and letters left by their parents.

Commenting on the post, one Twitter user wrote: ‘Must be very cool to find something like this after someone we love passed away. It is as if, for a moment, the person revived, when we discovered something new about him”.

Another person remarked, “I need it. “So don’t be afraid, have courage. Good luck.” Thank you for sharing your father with all of us who miss ours as well.