Woman finds touching note from her late father in beekeeping equipment

A father left a note for his children before he died. Then, nine years after his death, they found him.

Associate Professor Amy Clukey shared the note on Twitter. In 2013, her father, Rick Clukey, died aged 53 of lung cancer. Amy, the eldest of the three, said the youngest, her brother Liam, found Rick’s letter.

The short message was written on a logging company notepad:

“I hope this note will be found by one of my children who is interested in beekeeping. Beekeeping is actually quite easy and you can learn everything you need to know online. Bees make more than honey, and as a hobby they can be a source of extra income. So don’t be afraid, have courage. Good luck, Dad,” Rick wrote.

Amy Explain that her sister “Emily is considering beekeeping when she buys a house” and that she was “crying in the cafe” because of the note.

She also added this “My dad wrote this when he had terminal lung cancer. It was incredibly hard for him and for all of us who loved him.

People shared their own fond memories of lost loved ones. Everything was very bittersweet.

“You can almost hear them when you see the handwriting. Yesterday I unpacked my mom’s measuring spoons from an old, old box and the sound made me cry. She cooked a lot,” @Simspice1 replied on Twitter.

“After my grandfather died, I found a book that I had given him for Father’s Day. On the cover, I wrote a message and I signed it “we love you, dad”. He had written below – without our knowledge – “I love you too”. It’s still with me now,” @tmguffey3 wrote, share a photo of his tattoo.

“You know, I can’t think of anything I’d like my kids to hear me say more than those last 3 lines. What a great note…” @Cartereneal said in a Tweeter.

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