Zimbabwe revives beekeeping industry and forms new association

Beekeepers in Zimbabwe have formed a new association, the Professional Beekeepers Association of Zimbabwe (ProBAZ) with the aim of representing the pollinator family in the southern African country and also protecting and resuscitating the industry.

ProBAZ was originally established a few years ago as the Honey Producers Association of Zimbabwe (HOPAZ) before its latest move to “upgrade the association with modern, local solutions for beekeeping in Zimbabwe”, which spawned to the new formation.

“ProBAZ seeks to provide a new approach to beekeeping with the aim of: promoting the use of frame hives, training farmers in the best beekeeping practices and technologies that will help them grow their business profitably,” said l association in a press release published on Friday.

He added; “Collectively exploit domestic and foreign markets by producing world-class, high-quality bee products, protect the environment and ever-expanding agribusiness bees, protect wild colonies, and research and develop systems of indigenous knowledge (IKS).”

ProBAZ said bees as pollinators in their various subspecies needed protection as they helped feed nations.